Three Inmates, Two Charged with Murder, Escape From Alabama Jail

Men allegedly overpowered the jailer before escaping on foot.

— -- More than 100 law enforcement officials searched Saturday for three inmates, including two accused of murder, after they escaped from an Alabama jail.

The inmates - identified as Justin Gordon, Gemayel Culbert and Demarcus Woodard - shared a cell at the Choctaw County Jail, in Choctaw County, Alabama, according to Sheriff Tom Abate.

About 2 a.m. local time, the jailer heard screaming and when he looked into the cell, one of the men appeared to be vomiting, said Abate.

"One of the inmates was vomiting profusely," he added. "They were saying he's sick, dying, puking."

After entering the cell, the jailer was attacked by the inmates and had his keys and cell phone stolen, Abate said.

As the jailer was subdued, one of the men - believed to be Gordon - ran away, Abate said.

The two other inmates then wrapped a towel around the jailer's face and sprayed it with Lysol, the sheriff said. The attack left the jailer unconscious and he was unable to alert authorities until he woke up and dialed 911.

Both Culbert, 32, and Woodard, 23, are accused of murder, while Gordon, 23, faces charges of burglary, arson and armed robbery.

"These individuals are extremely dangerous," said Abate. "If they are cornered, they will fight."

The search for the trio was taken over by the U.S. Marshall's office. According to Abate, a search team with tracking dogs followed their trail for a quarter-mile down State Highway 17. Authorities believe the men either had a vehicle stashed at that spot or had someone pick them up.

The jailer was treated and released from a nearby hospital, according to the sheriff.