Joy Behar officiates Valentine's Day wedding live on 'The View'

Sarah Chrisman and Bo Allbritton tied the knot in an impromptu wedding.

After one of the couples on "The View's" kiss cam won a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Behar said she had received some inside information about another couple in the audience.

"My spies have told me that there is a couple...who are engaged and would love to get married on Valentine's Day," she said. "Where is Sarah Chrisman and Bo Allbritton?"

Chrisman and James "Bo" Allbritton, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, met in 2008 while shopping at a Best Buy. After three years of dating, their relationship came full circle when Allbritton asked Chrisman to marry him while they were in the middle of a Target shopping trip.

Behar mentioned to the couple that she's an ordained minister, and if they were willing to get married at that moment, they would also receive a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

The couple enthusiastically agreed and "The View" stage quickly transformed into a wedding venue as a glam team fitted a veil on Chrisman and a bowtie on Allbritton.

Behar married the couple with her own comedic spin.

"What's this fascination with retail stores? Did you consummate your relationship at Home Depot?" Behar said. "The fact is they've been living in sin, as you heard, all this time, and now they want to make it official and take all the fun out of it."

After Behar asked the couple to take each other's hand in marriage, she asked Chrisman to promise she'd only make her husband-to-be watch "The View" once or twice a week, to which she agreed. Then, Behar asked Allbritton to promise that he'd keep his nose hairs trimmed and never wear socks with sandals. He chuckled and agreed that he would.

Behar pronounced the newlyweds husband and wife at the end of the ceremony and later introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Allbritton.

The bride said she felt "fabulous" after the first few minutes of being married, and ended her whirlwind wedding by throwing her bouquet to all of the single people in "The View" audience.

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