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Large, white circles appear in California parks to promote social distancing

The circles serve as a reminder to maintain distance.

Large, white circles have been painted across San Francisco parks to promote social distancing.

In San Francisco’s latest effort to reopen public spaces, the Recreation and Parks department painted 10-foot circles on park grass where people can sit, relax and enjoy the parks safely.

“The social distancing circles, which will be in four San Francisco parks in advance of Memorial Day, is a pilot program similar to what NYC Parks has implemented in Brooklyn’s Domino Park,” Tamara Aparton with the San Francisco Recreation and Park department tells ABC. “Like masks and signage, we hope the circles will serve as another visual reminder to use our parks safely by social distancing.”

The four sites with social distancing circles include: Dolores Park, Little Marina, Washington Square, and Jackson Playground which will be completed today.

Earlier this month, Mayor Breed threatened to close Dolores Park due to large crowds ignoring social distancing rules. The circles serve as a reminder to maintain distance while enjoying the extended weekend.

Recently, local governments have struggled to keep people socially distant at public places like beaches and national parks. California Governor Newsom closed beaches in Orange County after pictures showed crowds of beach-goers. The National Park Service also voiced concern over crowding throughout the weekend due to some major parks reopening.

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