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Couple delivers baby in Chick-Fil-A bathroom
"I didn't know I was going to have the baby in there," new mom Falon Griffin said.
July 20, 2018 Video from GMA ABC News
New app warns LA residents seconds before a massive earthquake strikes
By Lauren Botchan
January 3, 2019 Story from Technology Lauren Botchan , ABC News
6-year-old girl shot in the head by a stray New Year's Eve bullet: Police
By Lauren Botchan
January 2, 2019 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
10-year-old boy dies in a 'suspicious' fall inside apartment
By Abigail Shalawylo and Lauren Botchan
June 23, 2018 Story from US Abigail Shalawylo, Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Drone injured woman's eye at Las Vegas casino July 4th party, lawsuit says
By Lauren Botchan
August 23, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Seattleā€™s new 'head tax' will charge major companies to aid the homeless
By Lauren Botchan
May 15, 2018 Story from Business Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Chick-fil-A offers baby born in bathroom a job in 14 years and free food for life
By Lauren Botchan
July 23, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Wife of Tesla crash victim speaks out: 'I just want this tragedy not to happen again to another family'
By Lauren Botchan
April 12, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
3 suspects charged with kidnapping of 'Halloween' actress, beating of actor
By Lauren Botchan and Alex Stone
July 4, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan, Alex Stone , ABC News
Armed robbery details caught on 'quality' home security video
By Lauren Botchan
May 16, 2018 Story from ABC NEWS Lauren Botchan , ABC News
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