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Couple delivers baby in Chick-Fil-A bathroom
"I didn't know I was going to have the baby in there," new mom Falon Griffin said.
July 20, 2018 Video from GMA ABC News
Drone injured woman's eye at Las Vegas casino July 4th party, lawsuit says
By Lauren Botchan
August 23, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
New app warns LA residents seconds before a massive earthquake strikes
By Lauren Botchan
January 3, 2019 Story from Technology Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Chick-fil-A offers baby born in bathroom a job in 14 years and free food for life
By Lauren Botchan
July 23, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
6-year-old girl shot in the head by a stray New Year's Eve bullet: Police
By Lauren Botchan
January 2, 2019 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
10-year-old boy dies in a 'suspicious' fall inside apartment
By Abigail Shalawylo and Lauren Botchan
June 23, 2018 Story from US Abigail Shalawylo, Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Seattleā€™s new 'head tax' will charge major companies to aid the homeless
By Lauren Botchan
May 15, 2018 Story from Business Lauren Botchan , ABC News
3 suspects charged with kidnapping of 'Halloween' actress, beating of actor
By Lauren Botchan and Alex Stone
July 4, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan, Alex Stone , ABC News
Wife of Tesla crash victim speaks out: 'I just want this tragedy not to happen again to another family'
By Lauren Botchan
April 12, 2018 Story from US Lauren Botchan , ABC News
Armed robbery details caught on 'quality' home security video
By Lauren Botchan
May 16, 2018 Story from ABC NEWS Lauren Botchan , ABC News
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