Lucky Illinois Man Named Gambles Has Won the Lottery Twice Using Same Numbers

Larry Gambles, 65, has been playing the Lucky Day Lotto every day for 15 years.

— -- A man named Gambles has won the lottery for a second time using the same five numbers he plays every week.

Larry Gambles, of Matteson, Illinois, has been buying seven lottery tickets -- one for every day of the week -- for the last 15 years, he told ABC News. On June 7, the 65-year-old won more than $1 million dollars playing the Lucky Day Lotto, and nine years ago, he won $50,000 when it was still called the Little Lotto, he said.

Every day, Gambles plays the numbers 01 – 06 – 12 – 14 – 25, which represent the jersey number of one of his football heroes, his jersey numbers from when he played football and basketball in high school, and the number he wore while in a fraternity at the University of Illinois.

"I always play the same numbers," Gables said. "I never change it."

The retired school administrator, who worked for Chicago Public Schools, said once a week he buys seven lottery tickets for the week from a gas station on his way home "in case there's a snowstorm" or something that prevents him from getting there, he said. (In Illinois, you can buy tickets for the Lucky Day Lotto up to 25 days in advance.) The highlight of Gambles' day is when he comes home from his daily workout to look up the winning numbers, which he does in a print newspaper delivered to his home every morning.

Gambles said he feels "extremely lucky" to have won the lottery a second time, but doesn't believe it has anything to do with his last name.

"I equate gambling with dice, cards and casinos," he said. "To me, lottery is just luck."

Gambles, who was born and raised in Illinois, plans to set up annuities for his 34-year-old daughter and 3-year-old granddaughter once he receives the check. After that, he has no major plans for his winnings, other than sharing his good fortune with family and friends, he said.

He will keep on playing the lottery every day, using the same numbers.

"I will continue until I can't play anymore," he said. "I feel very fortunate, and I feel blessed, and I’m very grateful."

The gas station that sold the winning ticket will receive a $10,500 bonus, 1 percent of the prize amount, according to the Illinois Lottery. More than 36,000 people won prizes ranging from $1 to $200 in the June 7 drawing.

Gambles' advice to fellow lottery players: “Pick your favorite numbers and stick with them. It worked for me!”