'Made in America' companies to help keep cool this summer

Summer is here - and so are the high-temperatures.

Summer is here and so are the high temperatures. Across the country, American-made companies are finding ways to help beat the heat.

Philip Castro, a Nalgene team lead, has been working on the line for 10 years. He shared his best tips with “World News Tonight” on how to stay cool with Nalgene this summer.

“Fill it up with water, about halfway, freeze it, put water back in it, and have a cold drink all day,” said Castro.

Castro, who works alongside his wife, said he’s proud to be a part of Nalgene.

“People are using them all the time and I already like to look and say there’s a Nalgene bottle. It’s good to see. It really is,” said Castro.

Since the pandemic began, Nalgene has hired 150 new employees and said they’re still looking for more.

Lindsay Strong, who has worked for Nalgene for three years, said she’s proud to help the economy recover.

“I’m proud that things are made in America because it helps our economy… and it’s helping people get through COVID,” said Strong.

In New Rochelle, New York, flip-flop company Tidal New York can make 200,000 pairs a year, employs 15 workers and this summer, it is hiring to meet the hot weather demand.

“We are 100% sourced in the U.S.," said co-founder Tim Gibb. "All of our suppliers here are made locally and giving back to local communities, local economies and building ourselves back up."