Made in America: Companies featured by ABC's David Muir prepare for the holidays

These American-made companies are using sustainability and creativity.

December 8, 2021, 8:08 PM

These American-made companies are using sustainability and creativity to spur job growth across the country.

Holiday wrapping paper company Wrappily is taking a creative - and sustainable - twist on the Christmas, gift-giving, must-haves. They are based in Maui, Hawaii and print in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Sara Smith is the founder of "Wrappily" based in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Founder Sara Smith said that nothing goes to waste at Wrappily and that their paper is completely compostable.

Paper company, “Wrappily,” based in Mount Vernon, Washington.

"Over the holidays, millions and millions of pounds of wrapping paper are going to end up in our landfills," said Smith. "[At Wrappily] the result is a wrapping paper that is compostable, as easy to recycle as your daily newspaper. It looks beautiful, and it's 100% made in America."

In California, the company Tea Drops is also trying to make a difference. They've created a tea that dissolves in your cup -- without a bag.

Sashee Chandran is the founder of "Tea Drop" in California.

Founder Sashee Chandran said they've partnered with the nonprofit Thirst Project to build clean-water wells around the world.

"Every box of tea we sell, we donate enough to supply clean water to those in need," she said. "So far we've built four water wells."

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