Married Teachers Who Sexually Abused Boy Attacked Other Kids Too

Teacher met boy at school, took him home where he and wife abused him.

April 22, 2011, 5:03 PM

April 22, 2011— -- Two married California teachers accused of seducing a teenage boy, plying him with alcohol and molesting him apparently had other victims, too, several of whom have recently come forward, according to police and prosecutors.

Daniel Shepard, 62, a high school teacher, and his wife, Gay Davidson-Shepard, who teaches middle school, were charged Thursday with multiple sexual abuse and child pornopgraphy felonies. According to prosecutors, they began "grooming" the 17-year-old boy two years ago.

They invited him into their home, gave him presents and allowed him to play video games before they first sexually abused him in April 2009, in the Jacuzzi at their Orange County, Calif., home.

"This is typical of some sex offenders," said Susan Schroeder, spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney.

"There's a grooming period," she said, "where the victim is invited into the home and given things he wouldn't have access to. They gave him alcohol and made him feel that he could get things there he didn't have at home. It's like the island in Pinocchio, the victim felt loved, but really, the Shepards were grooming him for abuse."

Daniel Shepard met the teenager, identified in court documents as John Doe, while he was a student at Westminster High School, where Shepard taught science.

Both defendants posted $150,000 bail. They were not arraigned and are scheduled to appear in court for the first time May 19.

The couple is accused of various forms of sexual contact with the boy -- who started making weekly visits to the Shepards' home in 2009 -- both alone and in tandem.

Both are also accused of taking pornographic images of the boy and encouraging him to email them nude photographs of himself, according to prosecutors.

Daniel Shepard is charged with abusing the boy until September 2010. His wife is accused of having abusive contact with him until December 2010.

The boy, now 18, told police that sexual contact continued after his 18th birthday in December 2010, but because he was no longer a minor, no charges were pressed for contact after that date.

Schroeder said it was not unusual for a victim to still be abused after turning 18.

"The victim began identifying with the perpetrators. We don't believe he was forced later on," Schroeder said.

In March 2011, the young man told his mother about his relationship with the Shepards, and she subsequently alerted police.

The Westminster Police Department and Orange County prosecutor asked additional victims or witnesses to come forward following the Shepards' arrest.

"We've had more responses than usual in this case," said Schroeder. "Several people have come forward, including possible new victims."

Schroeder would not elaborate on the age or sex of the additional victims.

The Shepards have yet to obtain legal counsel. Calls to their home by went unanswered.

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