Michelle Parker Disappearance: Family Releases Final Voicemail

PHOTO: 33-year-old Orlando mom Michelle Parker disappeared the same day her Peoples Court episode aired.PlayFacebook
WATCH 'People's Court' Mystery: Last Voicemail Released

The family of the Orlando woman who disappeared more than a week ago after appearing on "The Peoples' Court" has released her final voicemail -- along with a new batch of photos -- in the hope that someone would recognize the missing mother of three.

Michelle Parker, 33, left a nine-second message for her father on the day before she vanished, asking him to call her.

"Hey Dad … it's about 8:40. This is Michelle on Wednesday morning," she said on the voicemail. "I know that you're at work, but call me when you have lunch or you have break or the end of your day."

The following day, Nov. 17, Parker disappeared after she dropped her 3-year-old twins off at the house of their father, her ex-fiance Dale Smith, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship. Smith's house was the last place Parker was seen.

Parker's family hopes someone may recognize Parker's voice, her face or even her jewelry in the newly released photos. It hopes that finding the cross-shaped necklace or ring she was wearing when she went missing could bring the family one step closer to finding her.

Parker's family members spent Thanksgiving Day worrying about their missing sister and daughter, but sister Lauren Erickson said she is still thinking positive thoughts.

"I'm thankful that my sister has not been found in a bad way, because every day that doesn't happen, I still have hope that she's still out there somewhere," she told ABC News.

More than four dozen volunteers got up early to spend the Thanksgiving holiday searching for Parker. On most days since Parker disappeared, hundreds have been part of the search party, which Thursday combed a two-mile radius from a tower that transmitted the last call sent from her phone, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Parker's iPhone has still not been located.

Police have said that her ex-fiance Smith is not a suspect, but details about their stormy life together that sent them to "The Peoples' Court" have begun to emerge.

Appearing on the courtroom show, Parker and Smith battled over whether she had to pay for a $5,000 engagement ring she tossed away during one of their spats. The judge ruled the two should split the cost.

In the episode, the couple hurled accusations at each other and fought nastily. A court reporter called their relationship a "fatal attraction."

Parker's family has conceded that Smith's relationship with Parker was volatile, but it has also described Smith as a dedicated and loving father who cared for Parker, even when the two didn't get along.

Parker, who also has an 11-year-old from a previous relationship, had been trying to move on with her life and was happy in a new relationship with a man named Nate Mitchell.

Parker's friend Angela Launer told ABC News that she spoke to Parker on Thursday morning and knew that her friend was scheduled to bar tend that night, and was dropping the children off with Smith.

But Parker's family began to realize something was amiss when Parker's 11-year-old let the family know he was home from school and his mom wasn't around.

"I'm here to tell you for a fact that she would never not come home to her 11-year-old son," Launer told ABC News. "She would never have taken off, done that to her brother, sister or mother. ... That's why we're crying every day. Every time it gets dark, that's another day that's gone by without her."

When Parker's brother Dustin texted Parker to ask where she was, he got an immediate response. It was one word: "Waterford." This message triggered a red flag for Launer.

"She would never have texted back 'Waterford.' Her texts are a book. In every text that she would send, she would have xo's, smiley faces, hearts," Launer said. "I personally do not think that was from her, not at all for one second, because she wouldn't have said that."

Parker's black Humvee was found the next day near the Mall at Millenia, about eight miles from the Waterford Lakes area.

Launer described her friend as a dedicated mother and hard-worker who juggled three jobs to support her children, bartending, working a tanning business and as a hair dresser.

Police at this point have no hard leads or suspects in the investigation.

ABC News' Matt Gutman and Christina Ng contributed to this report.