Ohio boy makes big donation to St. Jude after winning $15,000 at county fair

The post racked up more than 4,000 reactions, shares and comments.

An Ohio school district celebrated one of its students in a social media post on Monday after he made a generous donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Diesel Pippert, a seventh grader at Western Reserve Local Schools, donated $15,000 -- the entirety of his livestock premiums from the Huron County Fair animal sale -- to the children's hospital in an effort to help fight cancer, the district said.

Western Reserve Schools shared an image of Diesel at the county's 2019 Livestock Show on Monday, calling him a hero who "should be an example to us all."

"A young man lives amongst us who should be an example to us all. WR 7th grader Diesel Pippert donated all of his livestock premiums to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital today at the Huron County Fair large animal sale," the district wrote in the post. "His donation of $15,000 will help to find cures for young children and save lives. Diesel, you are a hero!"

District officials weren't the only ones celebrating young Diesel. The school district's Facebook followers also fell in love with the story as the post accumulated thousands of likes and comments.

The school district's post had racked up more than 4,000 reactions, shares and comments on Facebook as of Monday evening.