Oregon Teen Goes Missing in Possible 'Internet Predator' Case

PHOTO: Kyrsten Roth was last spotted, Dec. 3, 2011, at a coffee shop across the street from Gresham High School.PlayPortland/Gresham Police
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An Oregon mother is making a desperate plea for help to find her 15-year-old daughter, who she claims disappeared with an older man and Internet predator.

Kyrsten Roth went missing Dec. 3 after an evening of shopping with her mother, Michelle Roth. When the girl did not come downstairs from her bedroom the next morning, her mother realized that she was not home. After checking with her daughter's friends, she filed a police report and began to look at home phone records.

It was then that she noticed phone calls to a number in California for the past few months – the last of which took place at 2:55 a.m. on Dec. 4.

The mother contacted police in Susansville, Calif., who went to the home associated with the phone number Kyrsten had been calling. According to victim's advocate and family spokesperson Michelle Bart, the police said that it looked like no one was home at the house. When the police called the phone number Kyrsten had been calling, Bart says that the police found the man who answered to be uncredible, as if he were hiding something when he claimed to be in Vallejo, Calif.

Kyrsten was reportedly spotted Dec. 7 at night at a coffee shop across the street from her high school in Gresham, Ore. According to the owner of the cafe, a man drove by and picked her up. He has been described as in his 20s, with receding blond hair, driving a white, two-door vehicle.

"It's an Internet predator situation. This is a crime," Bart told ABC News. "No matter if it's against her will, or he believes she swept him off her feet or whatever she's convinced of. She's been lured by someone."

Police have tagged it as a runaway situation and have no reason to suspect she is in danger, according to Sgt. Claudio Grandjean of the Gresham Police Dept.

"Our officers talked to friends of hers who saw her on that Wednesday. They reported she was fine, she was willingly with this person. And she had run away from home ... There's no indication she's in any danger," Grandjean said.

Michelle Roth told ABC News affiliate KATU that her daughter had said that there was a boy that she liked, but that it was someone from school. She also said that she noticed her daughter spending more time on gaming and social networking websites. The girl's brother said that she had been video chatting with a man online, though she did not indicate that she was planning on meeting him.

"Kyrsten did not run away, she ran to someone," her mother said. "We don't know anything about this person."

Michelle Roth did say that four months ago her daughter ran away with her 16-year-old half brother, who had been in trouble living in boys' homes and he did not want to go back. She said in that instance the two ended up at park down the block, and were gone for a couple of days.

When Kyrsten left her home she did not take her makeup or any toiletries, and nothing is missing from the house except her jacket and her pajamas, according to Bart. Her parents had taken her cell phone away from her as punishment for making long-distance calls.

"Kids run away, kids do a lot of different things," Bart said. "But kids don't leave the house unprepared unless they're taken against their will, or they're promised the sun the moon and stars from someone who promises to be their boyfriend."