Pageant Mom Charged With Stealing Pageant Dresses

A South Carolina woman accused of stealing from store while daughters watched.

June 30, 2011— -- A South Carolinapageant mom is being held as a fugitive after she was charged with stealing expensive dresses while her two daughters watched.

An employee of the Georgia boutique claims Elizabeth Pack used her two daughters, including a state pageant winner, to distract the store's staff while her mom stuffed dresses into her bag.

Pack, 37, was detained in Sumter County, S.C., where she is currently in jail on a fugitive warrant and being held without bond, according to police records. Gwinnett County police charged Pack with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two counts of theft by shoplifting.

Pack was allegedly caught on a store surveillance camera June 4 and 6 stuffing thousands of dollars worth of dresses and accessories from Girli Girl Boutique into a large purse, according to store employee Micah Smith. The camera had been installed in the Buford, Ga., shop just weeks earlier.

Smith told ABC News that Pack entered the store on June 4 and 6 and browsed among the dresses with her daughters, ages 8 and 14. One of the girls has won a statewide beauty pageant.

"Her little girls went upstairs and asked one of our store managers to turn the lights on, just long enough for [Pack] to get a few dresses … I'm sure it was a deliberate distraction," said Smith.

Police reports claim Pack stole six dresses and $100 worth of accessories, totaling $4,452, over two visits.

Smith said that the dresses Pack is accused of stealing were from dress sections that were out of her own daughters' age groups.

Calls by to Pack's home were not answered.

Bonnie Rebholz, who has a photography studio located above the boutqiue, said she was floored when she learned that her frequent customer was charged with theft.

"I was in shock when I was asked to identify her on the [surveillance] video. It was very upsetting to my daughter and I ... because that was not the person we knew her to be," said Rebholz who has shot photos for Pack and her daughters regularly for several years. "She has always been so kind and sweet to me [and] my daughter … Always brings gifts for my granddaughter when she visits."

Rebholz said that Pack had scheduled a shoot for one of the days in which she was accused of dress snatching, but had cancelled after she left the store, saying that one of her daughters was car sick.

Corporal Jake Smith of the Gwinnett County Police Department said detectives asked Rebholz to check her appointment book and learned that Pack had been in on June 4.

"They went back [to the boutique's surveillance tape] and checked it and were able to go to see where she had stashed things from both incidents," the officer told

Documents showed that Pack had visited the store on previous occasions, but no security cameras were in place at those times.

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