Paternity Test Reveals Long-Lost Michigan Father And Son Not Related

The test comes weeks after their emotional meeting.

Tony Trapani, 81, and Samuel Childress, 61, had an emotional reunion after Trapani discovered a letter in which Childress' mother claimed Trapani had a son he didn't know about, ABC News reported.

After finding out Trapani had a zero percent chance of being his father, Childress said he was shocked -- but their new father-son bond can't be broken, WXMI reported.

However, Trapani's sister said their family doesn't see any bond between them.

"I don’t know where this bond is forming when they were never really alone together," Trapani's sister Arlene Schulte told ABC News today. "I mean, it’s too bad it happened, but at least it’s closure for both of them."

But Childress disgarres, saying the bond between him and Trapani is mutual.

“I call him everyday, and talking to him, he says the same thing about you know, the result," he told WXMI. "He said it doesn’t matter what that says, 'I know you are my son.'"

Trapani and Childress met for the first time after Trapani found Childress' mom's letter to him. Childress' mother and Trapani dated, but eventually separated and were never married.

“I have a little boy. He is five-years-old now,” the letter reads. “What I’m trying to say Tony is he is your son. He was born November 13th, 1953."

Childress said he will not try finding his biological father and that Trapani will be the only man he calls dad, WXMI reported.

Trapni's sister said she wished Childress the best but thinks the two of them "shouldn't do a pretend thing" and that Childress should leave her brother alone.

Trapani and Childress did not immediately respond to ABC News' calls at home to request additional comment.

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