Pianos for People nonprofit is giving the gift of music this holiday season

The gift of music is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

December 1, 2021, 5:56 PM

One nonprofit is proving that the gift of music is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Pianos for People in St. Louis, Missouri, is pairing donated pianos with families and community centers in need. So far, they’ve given away 329 pianos and counting.

"​​We want everyone to be able to experience the power of music," Pianos for People organizer Sherry Nelson said. "Music brings people together and continues to grow and create ripples throughout our community."

"Pianos for People" has already donated 329 pianos and counting in St. Louis, Missouri.

Eleven-year-old Eddy Pepper received one of those pianos. Alongside his little brother and his mother, Haley Pepper, he said the music brings him joy.

"I like the piano because it helps calm me when I’m stressed, and it’s just fun to play," Eddy said.

His mother added that she hopes everybody has the opportunity to have music in their lives.

New pianos can often cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, and the price tag can often deter people from playing.

Wesley Siemsen, 11, received a piano from "Pianos for People."

Eight-year-old Wesley Siemsen also received a piano from "Pianos for People." He told "World News Tonight" he sees the piano as a new opportunity.

"I really hope everybody has a merry Christmas and can pursue their dreams," Wesley said.

The Foley family is the latest to donate a piano to "Pianos for People." Rob Foley said he hopes that it will be donated to someone excited to play.

"We had the hope that this lovely instrument could find a good home and be put to good use," Foley said.

Rob Foley pictured with a piano he is donating to "Pianos for People."

The Foley’s donated piano traveled 15 minutes away to the home of Carolyn Moore and her son JaBron Moore. Both are taking lessons and said they’re grateful for the gift.

"It is a blessing," Carolyn Moore said. "I have never had a piano before."