Police bodycam video shows Florida man being thrown over bridge

The officer spotted the suspect and victim fighting while driving on the bridge.

A Florida police officer’s body camera captured a man being thrown 30 feet off a bridge and into a river on Sunday.

In the video released by the Daytona Beach Police Department, an officer driving over the Main Street Bridge in Daytona Beach spots a man, identified by police as Derrick Goodin, throwing another man into the Halifax River before the officer gets out and starts ordering Goodin on the ground.

The officer is heard shouting at Goodin to get on the ground multiple times before he complies and is placed in handcuffs. Goodin claims the victim “assaulted his property” and that he felt threatened. He told the officer the victim jumped over the bridge.

Goodin and the male victim, identified as Anthony Mascaro, engaged in a fist fight, according to police. Goodin threw Mascaro “face first” off the bridge, police said.

Mascaro was defending a woman, identified as Stephanie Ellis, who had been approached by Goodin prior to the fight, police said. According to the arrest report, Ellis told police she got into an argument with Goodin over a “prior money exchange” and he struck her in the face. Mascaro then attempted to intervene, leading to the fight.

Mascaro told police he swam to a pylon and was picked up by another person in a row boat. Police said he had a laceration under his right eye and refused medical attention.

Mascaro did not want to press charges but police said Goodin was charged anyway because throwing someone over the bridge “could have prompted a serious injury, or a fatality.”

Police said the bridge is about 30 feet above the water and has “multiple pylons and maintenance cat walks” underneath it.

Police said Goodin was charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm, misdemeanor battery and breach of the peace/disorderly conduct.