2 rescued cubs stranded after mother bear was killed are gaining weight, recovering

A Virginia state trooper rescued the black bear cubs last week.

Two bear cubs rescued after being stranded when their mom was struck and killed by a car last week are gaining weight and on the road to recovery, according to the Virginia center that is caring for them.

The cubs, which were described by veterinarians at the Wildlife Center of Virginia as “thin, dehydrated and mildly anemic,” have put on some weight since their arrival last Thursday, according to a release by the center.

Both cubs -- a male and a female -- each weighed approximately 4 pounds, the release said. The center said the male cub had a fractured skull but was expected to be okay.

Their mother was struck by a car and killed Thursday in Franklin County. According to a report in the Charlotte Observer, the bear was "killed crossing a highway" and the cubs were "stranded along the side of the road."

D.H. Cepelnik, a Virginia State Police senior trooper, rescued the cubs when he responded to the accident Thursday night, the department said in a Facebook post.

They were taken to the center, where veterinarians have been caring for them ever since.

The cubs are playing with two other rescued cubs and seem to be doing well, the center said.

Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach at the center, told ABC News they will “likely be admitting more cubs in the next month” since cub season has started.

Nicholson said the center will help rehabilitate the cubs for a year before releasing back into the wild.