Retired NYPD cop pulls gun on a bat-wielding man on train

Tense standoff between bat-wielding man and a retired cop caught on camera.

A dramatic confrontation caught on camera between a man wielding a bat and another with a gun disrupted the evening commute for passengers on a New York City subway Wednesday.

Brian Baksa, 40, who police said is homeless, jumped from his seat and pulled a wooden baseball bat on another straphanger, accusing him of bumping into and threatening him after their bags touched, an NYPD spokesperson said.

The man was a retired member of the NYPD, who pulled his gun and stood up from his seat to confront Baksa in the tense standoff on a southbound G train.

“Stay where you’re at,” the 54-year-old retired cop, whose name the NYPD would not disclose, can be heard telling Baksa on a bystander's cellphone video, keeping him at arms’ length and identifying himself as an officer. Other passengers can be seen on the train.

“Respect my f------- bag,” said Baksa, holding it in one hand and the bat in the other. “You’re threatening me!”

While the retired cop continued to try and defuse the situation, Baksa continues shouting him down in a profanity-laden rant before placing the bat back in his bag. The retired cop suggests Baksa walk away.

After the train pulls into the Clinton-Washington Ave stop in Brooklyn, the retired NYPD member follows Baksa off the train. He flees but is ultimately arrested by police.

Baksa is charged with 2nd degree menacing and 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to the NYPD.