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Florida newspaper issues retraction of its endorsement of political candidate
By Jesse Convertino
December 12, 2020 Story from Politics Jesse Convertino , ABC News
70-year-old American oldest winner of 'longest horse race in the world'
By Jesse Convertino
August 22, 2019 Story from International Jesse Convertino , ABC News
Father hears dead son's heartbeat in organ recipient's chest
By Jesse Convertino
February 14, 2020 Story from US Jesse Convertino , ABC News
5th graders play hoops with student in wheelchair in sweet video
By Jesse Convertino
September 20, 2019 Story from US Jesse Convertino , ABC News
Photos show how coronavirus has impacted crowds at landmarks
By Jesse Convertino and Phaedra Singelis
March 6, 2020 Story from International Jesse Convertino, Phaedra Singelis , ABC News
Time magazine cover says 'ENOUGH' in wake of El Paso, Dayton shootings
By Jesse Convertino
August 8, 2019 Story from US Jesse Convertino , ABC News
High school students gift new clothes to bullied classmate in video
By Edith Honan and Jesse Convertino
September 14, 2019 Story from US Edith Honan , Jesse Convertino , ABC News
Social media companies partnering with health authorities to combat misinformation on coronavirus
By Jesse Convertino
March 5, 2020 Story from Technology Jesse Convertino , ABC News
84-year-old Vietnam vet challenges TSA agent to pushup contest
By Jesse Convertino
October 17, 2019 Story from US Jesse Convertino , ABC News
Milwaukee bus driver saves little boy running through traffic
By Jesse Convertino
May 31, 2019 Story from US Jesse Convertino , ABC News
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