San Francisco woman offering $7,000 reward to find her stolen dog

"I just want him back," she said.

A woman in San Francisco is desperately searching for her dog, and pulling out all the stops to find him.

Emilie Talermo is offering a $7,000 reward and has chartered a plane in the search for her 5-year-old miniature Australian shepherd named Jackson.

Jackson was stolen on Dec. 14 outside a grocery store in the Ingleside district, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

In addition to the reward money and plane, Talermo has created a website and made flyers for the public to print and post. She said it's not about getting anyone in trouble or pressing charges.

"I just want him back," Talermo told ABC News on Friday. "I truly just want my sweet little Jack back."

She said she knew he had been stolen the moment she walked out of the Good Life grocery store and didn't see his leash.

"I sprinted up and down the streets in a panic," Talermo said.

Even if Jackson isn't found, she wants her situation to be a warning for other dog owners to not leave their pets outside of public establishments.

"I'm just hoping that others won't make the mistake that I did," she said.

If Jackson is not found, all the proceeds will be donated to Rocket Dog Rescue, a nonprofit pet rescue organization based in San Francisco, she said.

A volunteer search is scheduled for Saturday at 231 Cortland Avenue in San Francisco.

Anyone who has spotted Jackson is urged to contact or (307) 413-7566.