School bus slides down street, slams into parked car

There were 29 students on the bus.

— -- A yellow school bus carrying 29 children slid down an icy street in Sutton, Massachusetts, this morning, and a resident was able to capture the crazy scene on camera.

Cheryl Kearney Katz, who filmed the video, can be heard exclaiming "Oh my goodness" as the bus backs up and slides down Peach Tree Lane.

The bus slid down a hill, ran over a mailbox, turned perpendicular to the street and finally came to a halt when it hit a parked car.

The man in the car also had difficulty traversing the icy road, causing his car to be stuck at an odd angle. He had stepped out of his vehicle prior to the collision when he saw the bus skidding toward him.

Police confirmed that children were on board the bus but no one was hurt. There were minor damages to the bus, but both the bus and the car it hit were able to drive away.

"We are very fortunate that no students or staff were injured during this very scary accident," Sutton Public Schools superintendent Theodore Friend wrote in an email to ABC affiliate WCVB. "Unfortunately there were a few back roads that had not been treated before the buses got on the road which caused this accident."

Police do not believe the bus driver was at fault.