California Teacher in Chloroform Case Arrested Again on Explosives Rap

California teacher arrested when nitroglycerin was found in her classroom.

May 27, 2011— -- A popular California teacher, accused earlier this week of helping students inhale chloroform, was arrested again when explosive material was found inside her chemistry classroom.

A bomb squad detonated a four millilter vial of the highly explosive compound nitroglycerin after it was discovered in the chemistry lab at Livingston High School, south of Stockton.

Detectives arrested 34-year-old teacher Japhia Huhndorf on explosives possession charges, according to ABC News affiliate KSFN in Fresno, Calif. Officers say that they have no idea why Huhndorf had the highly explosive compound in her school's chemistry lab.

"She got it through proper school channels but if something would have happened, lots of kids could be hurt," police told ABC News.

"She didn't purchase it, she actually manufactured it."

Police asked administrators to evacuate all of the students so they could search the room after one of the victims tipped off detectives that Huhndorf was keeping explosives in her chemistry classroom, according to KSFN.

"There is no legitimate reason for something like this to be in a classroom. It's crazy dangerous," Brad Garrett, Former FBI agent said.

Huhndorf, 34, has not denied the accusations against her, but her general attitude is that she did nothing wrong, according to a police officer that spoke with KSFN.

Wednesday was the second time Huhndorf has been arrested in one week. According to KSFN, Huhndorf was arrested Monday on child endangerment charges when she allegedly helped three students inhale the chemical chloroform to get high.

One student told ABC News that Huhndorf was attempting to help ease the boys' stress during after-school tutoring sessions.

Huhndorf is being held at the Merced County Jail on $500,000 bail and is expected to appear in court Friday, according to KSFN.

Huhndorf's latest "experiment" forced the evacuation of more than 1,000 students. School resumed as usual on Thursday.