Secret Service Arrests Woman With Handgun Outside White House

VIDEO: Woman Arrested with Handgun Outside White
WATCH Woman Arrested with Handgun Outside White House

Secret Service agents arrested a woman who was carrying a 9-millimeter handgun outside the White House tonight shortly after President Obama finished his announcement on immigration reform, according to federal law enforcement sources.

Plainclothes agents saw April Lenhart with the handgun holstered on the north side of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue about 8:30 p.m., sources told ABC News. Uniformed agents who were alerted then arrested her.

Lenhart, 23, of Michigan, was with a man who wasn't arrested, according to sources. Secret Service agents hoped to get a search warrant to look through her car, which was nearby.

The incident came a day after R.J. Kapheim was arrested one block from the White House after a search of his car uncovered a rifle and ammunition.