Severe thunderstorm watch issued in Northeast as summer heat slams Southwest

Those from New York to Boston should expect a rough evening commute home.

People in New York and Boston should expect a rough evening commute home Wednesday as severe storms hit the Northeast.

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Boston and Maine.

The storms will be scattered but could bring hail, wind gusts up to 70 mph, with the chance of a tornado in New England.

Flash flooding is possible during some of the heaviest downpours.

The severe thunderstorm watch is set to last through 10 p.m.

Summer heat

Summer heat is slamming the East Coast and the Southwest Wednesday with excessive heat warnings and heat advisories in effect.

In Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City, the heat index -- or what it feels like -- could reach 95 to 100 degrees in the afternoon.

Several states in the south central U.S. are under a heat advisory; it will feel more than 100 degrees from Dallas to Memphis.

And in the Southwest, a streak of triple-digit temperatures will continue. Phoenix could reach a record high Wednesday at 114 degrees.