Beyond 'Sharknado' - Bizarre Animal Phenomena You Can See for Yourself

OK, so "Sharknado" is not real, but these wild animal phenomena seem to be.

ByABC News
July 30, 2014, 12:48 PM
A scene from "Sharknado 2: The Second One."
A scene from "Sharknado 2: The Second One."
Syfy/AP Photo

— -- As "Sharknado 2" premieres tonight, we regret to inform you that it didn't REALLY rain cats and dogs the other day and, regardless of what Tara Reid might say, a sharknado is not a real-world event.

But on the Internet, at least -- and maybe in the real world, too, in some cases -- maybe it will rain fish or frogs, and a sheepnado might loom over the horizon.

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Admittedly, the plot of "Sharknado 2," the sequel to 2013's "Sharknado," might be a bit more terrifying. It follows a group of New Yorkers as a sharknado, a tornado of sharks, hits the city. The film airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

Until then, catch up on some other strange animal occurrences.

The Sheepnado

Sheep instincts lead them to follow each other, even if it may not be the best idea. This "follow the leader" mentality is so strong that in 2006, 400 sheep jumped to their death in Turkey after one of the sheep unsuccessfully tried to cross a 15-meter-deep ravine.

The sheep tornado is a phenomenon that occurs when the first sheep unknowingly begins following the last, leaving a seemingly infinite tornado of sheep that could go on forever, taking down anything in it's path.

The Flood of Fire Ants

When fire ants are faced with a flood, the resilient creatures are able to link up and make a living raft, keeping the larvae and colony queen safe in the middle.

The Birdnado

Flocks of birds band together for survival benefits, whether that be when foraging for food, when seeking protection or warmth, or for better aerodynamics. Apparently, such flocks can also make for a pretty menacing bird tornado that seems fit for an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Fish and Frog Rain

When wind and rain pick up, the two species can be caught in the storm and drop miles away from where they were first swept up, causing what seems to be a strange downpour of fish and frogs.

Mouse Plague

When heavy rainfall provides a lot of quality food for mice, a mice plague will form, taking as little as nine months before mice breed and completely swarm an area. At the end of the plague, a crash occurs, and within a few weeks the mice population has significantly decreased.

In case you have been scarred by the aforementioned strange animal phenomenon, here's an invasion that the world can only hope Mother Nature will bestow upon on the population one day.

Puppy Invasion!