'There's just snakes everywhere': Pest control removes 45 rattlesnakes from under Texas man's home

The man had crawled under the home to fix his television cable line.

A Texas resident's world was rattled after he learn he was sharing his home with several dozen deadly reptiles.

Last week, the man crawled beneath his home near Albany to fix his cable line because his television was "acting up" due to the high winds in the area, Abilene-based Big Country Snake Removal wrote on Facebook.

While down there, the man saw a "few" rattlesnakes and quickly crawled out and called the professional snake removers, according to the company.

But when they got there, they immediately "saw that that wasn't the case."

Several rattlers can be heard in the background of the video Big Country Snake Removal posted to social media.

"You can see there's a baby there, one there, there's one right in front of me here, there's one up top right there, there's several over there, and then ... there's a huge pile of them right there," the brave professional remover says, pointing to several locations with a flashlight.

He continued, "There's some really big snakes over there. There's just snakes everywhere under here."

The removal strategy consisted of retrieving the closest snakes first and then working back to the corner where most of the snakes were located.

The serpents didn't go without a fight. The video shows the men, lying on their torso due to the limited head space, carefully maneuvering the snake traps as the hissing reptiles attempted to squirm and wiggle free from the tool's grasp.

"We just want to make sure that they can't get behind us and we're aware of where they're at at all times," the man said. "We still got a long way to go."

The company removed a total of 45 rattlesnakes from the home.

The residents, who keep their yard "nice and clean," would only see a few rattlesnakes each year.

"Rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive -- they care simply about survival," the company said.