The Social Climber: Ellen Degeneres Sells Trophy House

Ellen Degeneres Sells Trophy House, Miley Cyrus Albums Are in Danger

— -- quicklist:4 title: Ellen Degeneres Sells Trophy Home text: Take it to the bank, Ellen.

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres has sold her modernist designer trophy home in Los Angeles for $55 million, $15 million more than she paid for it last winter, according to the Los Angeles Times. Napster co-founder Sean Parker purchased the home, which features nine bedrooms and 7.5 baths. media:24595726

quicklist:1 title: Miley Cyrus Albums Are in Danger text: That girl is on fire - or at least her albums are about to be.

A minor league baseball team is inviting fans to set Miley Cyrus albums on fire this weekend in a nod to the original Disco Demolition hosted by the Chicago White Sox in 1979, according to the LA Times. At that game, the Sox invited fans to bring disco albums to burn on the field. The crowd eventually mobbed the field and the White Sox had to forfeit the game.

This time around, the Charleston RiverDogs are inviting fans to show up with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber albums and burn them on the field in what they're calling "Disco Demolition 2: You Better Belieb It." media: 23592258

quicklist:2 title: Kelly Ripa Asks Anderson Cooper Tough Questions text: Anderson Cooper's used to asking the tough questions in interviews, but on Tuesday night's episode of "Watch What Happens Live!" on Bravo, it was Kelly Ripa making Cooper squirm with her questions.

The pair were playing a game to see which one of them could fluster the other first, and Ripa came out of the gate charging hard.

"Are you circumcised?" Ripa asked Cooper within a few seconds of starting the game, according to E!

"You've flustered me!" Anderson conceded. media: 24595789

quicklist:3 title:Tamra Barney Admits to Using Fillers text: Tamra Barney likes to credit her good looks to nature, but she conceded Tuesday that she's had a little help from science, too.

The Real Housewife of Orange County told Bravo host Andy Cohen that she's used fillers on her cheeks after persistent questioning on "Watch What Happens Live!" according to E!

"Fillers. I feel like I'm looking at some fillers," Cohen said, probing to see if Barney had had her cheeks filled in.

"Maybe just a little," Barney finally admitted. media:24595865