Police Stunned After Car Runs Down 5

Authorities are still shaken by the "horrific" scene — piles of twisted metal, shredded clothing and blood.

"I had never seen that kind of carnage on a residential street in my 28-year career," said Santa Barbara County Fire Department Capt. Charlie Johnson. "It looked like a war zone."

California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Muell called it "one of the most horrific scenes" he'd seen in 10 years.

It was late Friday night when David Edward Attias, an 18-year-old University of California, Santa Barbara student, drove a black Saab down a street in the small community of Isla Vista and struck five people, killing four.

The fifth person suffered serious injuries.

Attias, of Santa Monica, was being held Saturday without bail for the investigation of vehicular manslaughter and felony drunken driving. His blood-alcohol test results were not immediately made available.

Victims Were Students

Authorities have identified three of the victims as Nicholas Shaw Bourdakis and Christopher Edward Divis, both 20 years old and UCSB students who lived in Isla Vista and Ruth Levy, 20, who was attending Santa Barbara City College.

Levy's older brother, 27-year-old Albert Arthur Levy of San Francisco, was taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and remains in critical condition. Muell said the man underwent emergency surgery and was placed in the intensive care unit.

The name of a 27-year-old man from San Francisco who also died has yet to be released, pending notification of their families.

Authorities said Attias was going at least twice the 25 mph speed limit in the residential neighborhood where a steady stream of foot traffic spills off the sidewalk and into the street.

He hit nine parked cars before his car stopped after sustaining major damage.

Attias suffered only minor cuts and scratches. Dozens of bystanders surrounded the man and tried to subdue him until authorities arrived

Connection to Hollywood Director?

The suspect has the same Santa Monica address as Daniel Attias, who the Los Angeles Times reports is a successful television director. He has worked on popular TV hits such as Ally McBeal, The Sopranos, and The Practice.

"We have no comment except for the terrible grief we feel for all the families involved," Daniel Attias told the Times.