5 students injured in Washington state when bounce house goes airborne

Students were injured when wind gusts flipped over a bounce house on campus.

Several students were injured at a Washington state high school on Wednesday when strong wind gusts caused a bounce house to flip over.

Officials at Zillah High School, near Yakima, said five students were injured when the inflatable play area went airborne during an outdoor event.

The school did not specify the injuries, but local authorities said one victim was in critical condition and had to be airlifted from the scene. The students were tethered into the inflatable at the time.

"Five students were involved in the incident. The nature and extent of the injuries are unknown at this time," the school said in a statement. "Our hearts go out to the students, parents, and staff of those involved."

Witnesses said the incident happened during an Associated Student Body event on the school's football field. Video from just after the accident showed dirt swirling up near the field and people running toward the bounce house.

Zillah High School sophomore Christopher Molina told local reporters that one victim appeared to have a concussion.

"We were having a fun day; everyone was having a good time with students and out of nowhere we see the bouncy house go up pretty high in the air," Molina told Yakima ABC affiliate KVEW on Wednesday. "It came down, it hit the cement and one girl got a concussion -- the other two girls broke their legs."

Zillah High School said it is investigating the incident.

ABC News' Rayquan Taylor contributed to this report.