Why Students Are Tweeting Pics of School Lunches With #ThanksMichelleObama

Hashtag goes viral as students post pics of mystery mush.

— -- Students across the country are tweeting photos of their school lunches and using the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

Some kids still don't seem too pleased by what their schools are dishing out, and the hashtag, which has been in use since August, went viral again today. Not everyone is using it sarcastically. Some used it to show support for Obama, thanking her for her efforts to get kids eating healthy.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek tweets from students, government officials said evidence suggests more students like their school lunches.

"Independent research shows that a majority of American kids like healthier school lunches, the number of students that like their meals is growing, and that updated meal standards are working to help improve students' health," said U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesman Cullen Schwarz.

Schwarz said students are given full servings of fruits and vegetables at lunch, noting that many of the photos using the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama "do not fully reflect the full range of choices students are provided."