Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Appeared to Be Kicked in Head as He Was Captured: Video

The use of force will be investigated, the police chief said.

ByABC News
January 19, 2017, 8:03 PM

— -- As suspected Orlando cop killer Markeith Loyd was captured, police chopper video showed that he was crawling on the ground towards a group of officers, after which he appeared to be kicked in the head by at least one officer.

Loyd, who was wanted for allegedly killing Master Sgt. Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department this month and for allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend in December, was armed with two handguns when he was caught late Tuesday, according to Orlando police. One of the guns was a Glock that contained a magazine with the capacity for 100 rounds of ammunition. He had been on the run for nine days.

In the video of his capture -- which was shot from a police chopper above the scene -- Loyd is seen crawling away from a house and toward officers by the roadway. After he stopped crawling, the officers approached him while he lay prone in the street. At least one officer then appeared to kick Loyd in the head. At that point, the chopper camera panned away.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina today called the camera pulling away "concerning" and said the use of force will be investigated.

When asked if kicking him was necessary, Mina said, "the officers were very concerned about what was underneath him. After they handcuffed him, and searched him, pulled off his body armor, he had a large bag of ammunition."

The police said that, while the case involving Clayton's murder is an ongoing investigation, they decided to release this video.

The capture happened late Tuesday after Loyd tried to escape through the back door of a home and was confronted by a group of police; Loyd ran back inside, then came out through the front door, where more police were waiting for him, Mina said.

Loyd was holding two handguns and wearing body armor, Mina said. He said that Loyd crawled towards the officers, did not comply with the officers requests and the "officers used force." Loyd dropped the weapons at some point, Mina said, but the specific timing is not clear.

Mina said Loyd suffered a fractured left orbital bone and damage to his eye. The accused murderer was hospitalized until late Wednesday.

Mina said Loyd "has a long and violent history" that will be factored into the use of force investigation. Mina said officers are judged regarding the "totality of circumstances" when they look at use of force; officials will try to determine what an objectively reasonable officer would have done in light of those circumstances that night.

Officers involved in the arrest are still on full duty, Mina said.

Loyd, whom Mina called a "cold-blooded, ruthless killer," was first wanted in December for the death of his former girlfriend and her unborn child, the police said. Loyd also allegedly shot and injured the former girlfriend's brother, police said.

Then, on Jan. 9, Loyd allegedly shot and killed Sgt. Clayton, who was a wife, mother and veteran Orlando officer. Mina said today that after Loyd first shot Clayton, he had a clear and unobstructed path to his car, but he chose to run over to where Clayton was. Mina said Clayton was still alive; Mina said Loyd stood "over her defenseless body" and fired multiple shots at her, killing her.

Prosecutors announced Thursday night the charges against Loyd in relation to Sgt. Clayton's murder: First-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, carjacking with a firearm, aggravated assault and wearing a bulletproof vest.

In connection with the death of his former girlfriend, Loyd was charged with one count of first-degree murder with a firearm, one count of unlawful killing of an unborn child, one count of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm and two counts aggravated assault with a firearm. The judge today set no bond for Loyd's first three charges and set bond at $1,500 for each of the two aggravated assault charges. Loyd did not enter a plea.

ABC News' Jason Volack contributed to this report.