Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Goes on Profanity-Laced Rant in Court

Markeith Loyd was taken into custody Tuesday after a 9 day manhunt.

— -- Suspected cop killer Markeith Loyd -- who was caught Tuesday after a nine-day manhunt in Orlando, Florida -- cursed at the judge in a profanity-laced first appearance in court this morning.

Loyd, who was wanted for allegedly killing Master Sgt. Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department this month, was in court today charged with killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon in December. He told the judge he wants to represent himself in the court proceedings involving Dixon’s alleged murder. Loyd has not yet been charged in connection with Sgt. Clayton’s murder.

Loyd appeared today with a bandage over his left eye, with his hands cuffed and with officers holding each of his arms.

In the murder suspect's profanity-laced tirade, he said to the judge about Dixon's murder, "Ya'll making up s--- like I just went in there and shot this girl, endangering my family. ... Ya'll portray this s--- to the news people like I just went in there and shot this girl."

"Ya'll been making up s--- the whole time," he said.

Loyd claimed he was beaten by police when authorities captured him as he tried to flee a home on Tuesday. "They done took my eye. Broke my nose, broke my jaw," Loyd said. "said I resisted, but I crawled out to the m--- f--- road. ... I didn't resist s---."

While leaving the courtroom, Loyd said to Judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney, "F--- you."

Before Sgt. Clayton, who was also a wife and mother, was shot to death on Jan. 9, Loyd was wanted for the death of his former girlfriend Dixon and her unborn child, officials said. Loyd also allegedly shot and injured the former girlfriend's brother, officials said.

Charges against Loyd in connection with the Dixon case were read today in court: one count of first-degree murder with a firearm, one count of unlawful killing of an unborn child, one count of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm and two counts aggravated assault with a firearm. Loyd did not enter a plea.

The Orlando Police Department said Loyd has not yet been charged for Sgt. Clayton's murder; the police expects that to happen this week.

Sade Dixon's mother, Stephanie Dixon-Daniels, said at court today that she never liked Loyd and said he has no respect for law enforcement.

The judge today set no bond for Loyd's first three charges and set bond at $1,500 for each of the two aggravated assault charges. The judge said Loyd will have a determination of counsel hearing in one week. The judge also ordered Loyd not to contact his ex-girlfriend's family.

When Loyd was caught Tuesday, he was wearing body armor and carrying two handguns, including a Glock that contained a magazine with the capacity for 100 rounds of ammunition, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said. Loyd threw the guns to the ground and resisted arrest when police officers tried to detain him, police said.

Loyd suffered minor injuries in the scuffle with police and was kept at the Orlando Regional Medical Center until late Wednesday, police said.

The arresting officer's use of force will be investigated, per standard procedure, Mina said.