Hundreds of tacos delivered to seniors amid brutal winter storm

The nonprofit is looking to feed more people affected by cold weather.

Taco Tuesday came Wednesday for hundreds of Houston-area seniors who have been suffering in the cold following this week's winter storm.

A group of volunteers from the nonprofit group Texas Relief Warriors used a donation of 6,000 eggs to cook 700 breakfast tacos and distributed them Wednesday morning. Cara Adams, the group's founder, told ABC News she and volunteers scrambled to use the eggs overnight and were able to serve two senior centers in the area that lost power and hundreds of homebound seniors who requested help.

Adams said she received the offer for the eggs from a generous volunteer who posted about it on Facebook. The owners of Iguanas Ranas Cantina in Pearland offered their kitchen and volunteers began cooking early Wednesday morning, according to Adams.

"We had materials to make tortillas and we’ve used up all of the eggs," she said. "We are working to get more."

Adams, who has worked on Gulf Coast hurricane-related relief efforts over the last four years, said the seniors who received the breakfast were overjoyed and humbled by the generosity. She added that her group had no shortage of people willing to get in the kitchen, drive delivery vehicles, or get on the phone to make the breakfast run possible.

"They were excited, they were ready to help," Adams said of the volunteers. "A lot of people in Houston have that giving spirit and help."

"This is much different from our hurricane relief," Adams said. "When we run in hurricane season it’s hot," she said and they don't have to contend with the ice the winter storm has brought. "The supplies are limited because the trucks aren't delivering," in the brutal winter weather, Adams explained.

Adams said there is still much more work to be done as millions of Texans remain without power and heat and the cold continues to hit the South.