How you can help Texas families left in the dark

Across the Lone Star State, people are doing what they can to help.

In hard-hit Houston, the nonprofit Texas Relief Warriors cooked and served donated eggs for those in need of breakfast.

On Friday, Adams shared an update with "World News Tonight."

"Thank you to everyone that has donated. We've been able to raise almost $50,000 and we have sent out probably close to 18,000 meals," said Adams.

Across Texas, businesses, private citizens and nonprofits are doing what they can.

Eric Cooper with Feeding America said volunteers have shown up in numbers.

"The sun is out today, and we've got lots and lots of volunteers serving thousands of families," said Cooper. "Together we'll make sure our communities get the food that they desperately need."

In Dallas, a recycling center is offering firewood for families, while Genesis Women's Shelter & Support is asking for blankets, flashlights and warm clothes. They've since received donations from all 50 states.

The founder of Feed the People Dallas mutual aid fund, Vanessa Wilmore, told "World News Tonight" that they're working hard to make sure people have shelter and food.

"Right now, we are working on getting people into hotels and getting them food," said Wilmore. She said that with donations from across the country, they have been able to buy more food.

"The nation is taking care of the Lone Star State," Wilmore added.

In Bell County, Texas, husband and wife Victoria and Bobbie Dill and their friends embodied what it means to be good neighbors, buying hundreds of sandwiches to give away.

"I know we come back to a warm house with food," he said. "So it was my duty, and my mission to get somebody with something."

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