Texas Man Posts Sign Looking for 'Beautiful' Stranger He Locked Eyes With on Highway

The two "flirted" by passing each other back-and-forth on the road, he said.

— -- A Texas man has posted a sign on a highway intersection trying to find the "beautiful" stranger he said he "locked eyes" with while driving last week in the greater Houston area.

The sign reads, "To the beautiful girl in the beige car, I'm the guy in the black truck. Call me." A number is then listed at the bottom of the sign.

"I was driving fast down the freeway last week when I saw another car coming up real fast," Adam Preslar, 41, told ABC News today. "When the car passed me, I saw the driver was this beautiful, gorgeous girl."

Preslar and the mystery girl then started "flirting," he said.

"We took turns passing each other back and forth, smiling whenever we were next to each other," Preslar said. "I'm really into cars and I notice them all the time, but I couldn't get past how pretty this girl was. I forgot to look at the car!"

Preslar added he believes his mystery dream girl with shoulder-length dark brown or black hair and an "unforgettable smile" was driving a Toyota or Honda sedan.

Though the man struck by Cupid's arrow has gotten a lot of calls, none of them have been "the one," he said.

"Most of the calls are prank calls like guys calling me saying, 'Hey, I'm the beautiful girl!'" Preslar said. "I've gotten some calls and texts from other ladies wishing me good luck though."

And though Preslar said the encounter on the highway last week wasn't exactly "love at first sight," he said he believes he could fall in love with the mystery woman if he got the chance to meet her and get to know her better.