Texas police officer allegedly shoots, kills fellow cop brother in his home

The reason for the shooting near Houston is still under investigation.

A police officer in Texas is dead and his brother, a fellow cop, allegedly was the one who shot him multiple times, according to authorities.

Rocky Lee, 57, was identified by the Harris County Sheriff's Office as the deputy who was shot and killed Friday. His brother, who works for the Stagecoach Police Department and was the alleged shooter, has yet to be identified.

Police initially believed the incident was a burglary, but said at a press conference late Friday -- once it was learned the two were brothers -- that it was instead "a domestic issue."

"This isn't a burglary, this is some kind of a domestic issue that occurred," said Lt. Scott Spencer, from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. "So all of our detectives are investigating all avenues at this time."

Lee's body was found in a bathroom at the house where the suspect lived. He was shot "multiple times," police said.

The suspect was treated for unnamed "medical conditions," according to police, and is cooperating with authorities.

"On behalf of the Harris County Sheriff's Office, our hearts are broken, deeply sorrowed to see what unfolded out here earlier this evening, and so we're going to be out here just to see how we can lend our support," Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

Lee was a 26-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Office and worked at the Baker Street Jail in Houston.

"We're trying to process this ourselves right now as his colleague, so as soon as we can we'll share more information," Gonzalez said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office, Texas Rangers and Montgomery County district attorney are currently conducting an investigation into the shooting.

Stagecoach, Texas, is a small town about 40 miles northwest of Houston.