Texas Waitress Receives Generous Tip After Paying for Police Deputy's Meal

After paying for a deputy's meal, a waitress received a $100 tip.

— -- A Texas waitress was surprised to receive a generous tip from a sheriff's deputy after she paid for his meal.

When Tammy Yawn, a waitress at PK’s Grill in Orange, decided to cover an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy and his family’s meal last week she wasn’t expecting anything in return, she told ABC News today, but was shocked to receive a $100 bill as a tip.

“Watching this officer with his family touched my heart,” Yawn said. “I brought their ticket to the cashier and told her when the deputy asks for his ticket, it had already been taken care of.”

After finding out his bill had been paid for, the deputy told Yawn he had “a bone to pick” with her, but Yawn assured him she just cares about police officers and doesn’t think they get paid nearly enough, she said.

Yawn walked away and a couple minutes later was handed the $100 tip by another waitress, courtesy of the deputy.

“What touched me the most was 10 minutes later when his mom called me and thanked me for what I had done, and God bless me, she said,” Yawn said.

As a mother and grandmother, Yawn said that meant more to her than any amount of money.

She added: “I feel for their families every time their husband or wife, son, daughter, child, walks out that door into this crazy world we live in,” Yawn said.

Yawn later received a call from the deputy, asking her not to mention his name when discussing what happened because “he didn’t do it to get recognized,” she said. “He was just being nice.”