Texas Woman Lied About Home Invasion, Killed Her Husband: Police

Sandra Melgar accused of killing her husband on Christmas Eve in 2012.

ByGeetika Rudra
August 02, 2014, 1:58 PM

— -- A Texas woman found on Christmas Eve tied up inside her home along with her husband has been charged with his murder.

Sandra Melgar, 52, of Houston, was charged with murdering her husband of 32 years, Jaime Melgar, in 2012.

Police suspect that Melgar stabbed her husband with a knife, according to court documents.

Relatives who arrived at the couple's home that night to celebrate their anniversary found Melgar and her husband locked in separate closets.

"Ms. Melgar says they were in the bathroom together, her and her husband, and at some time she blacked out and the next thing she remembers is waking up in the closet tied up," Sergeant Robert Spurgeon of the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

Melgar's husband was found with stab wounds, according to police.

Police say they were suspicious of Melgar's story after discovering that nothing had been taken from the home, although it is still unclear what led authorities to arrest and charge Melgar.

"It just seemed like something was really strange with how it all came down, them being tied up and just one person being killed," said Randy Parman, a neighbor.

Members of the Harris County community said they feel more at ease knowing a home burglar might never have been at-large.

"It's a relief to know it's not random, not a home invasion," Jane Yang, a neighbor, said.

Melgar is due in court on August 14.

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