Thief Walks Off With $500,000 From an Armored Truck in Detroit

The suspect reportedly was dressed like a fellow security employee.

A driver of a Loomis truck said a man who was dressed like a Loomis security employee told him to open the back of the vehicle Friday morning, according to the Detroit Police Department. The driver reportedly thought the man was a co-worker, so he followed the order.

The suspect grabbed a few bags of cash and walked off with more than a half million dollars, police said.

"The good thing is no one was hurt," said Sgt. Cassandra Lewis of the Detroit Police Department. "And at this point that's the most important thing. But we will continue our investigation to ascertain who's responsible and what happened."

Police and FBI agents were questioning the driver and going over surveillance footage, and the two agencies were working together in the search for the suspect. Investigators were trying to figure out how the thief knew the truck would be parked there and how he got the uniform.

The crime took place near the Greektown Casino, but Greektown spokeswoman Gayle Joseph said it had nothing to do with the casino.

"The incident did not take place at our casino and did not involve funds going into or coming out of our property," she said.