Tree market donates proceeds to local businesses, sells out of Christmas trees

One tree market in New Mexico is giving back this Christmas.

Chad and Dana Akenhead, of Corrales, New Mexico, decided to give away their Christmas trees in exchange for donations to help their community’s businesses.

“Basically, whatever you feel the tree is worth and you want to donate is totally fine,” said Chad Akenhead, who added that even if customers cannot afford to donate, they still get a tree.

“Money is cool, but to make people happy, and families and businesses … and livelihoods continue to go on through these crazy times, no amount can beat that,” he added.

The proceeds from this year’s tree sale will be donated to local businesses in New Mexico that have been struggling due to the pandemic.

“What a better time to help people that have been affected by all this stuff,” said Akenhead.

The community agrees. All of the Akenhead trees have sold out and nearly $5,000 has been raised in donations.

“The generosity of the community was amazing. We didn’t expect it with the challenging times right now, and it was a great response,” said Dana Akenhead.

Joel and Nicole Gallegos were some of the many who donated in return for a tree. They said the tree will not only honor Christmas this year, but also the strength of Americans.

“We put the lights on it and our favorite ornaments,” Joel Gallegos told “World News Tonight.”

Chad and Dana Akenhead said that they are grateful for those like the Gallegos family.

Chad Akenhead added, “No matter how crazy things are getting and how hard times can be, there’s so many amazing people and families and businesses out there that are willing to help.”

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