Tropical Storm Beta makes landfall in Texas

The slow-moving storm has winds of up to 45 mph.

Tropical Storm Beta made landfall on the Texas coast late Monday night local time.

The center of the storm came ashore near the southern end of Matagorda Peninsula, about midway between Corpus Christi and Galveston.

The biggest threat prior to landfall was storm surge and gusty winds.

As Beta moves onto shore, it will stall and sit in one spot for almost two days, which could bring as much as half a foot of rain to Galveston and 6 to 10 inches to Houston.

Houston does not drain well, so that much rain could cause life-threatening flash flooding.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Teddy is expected to move near Bermuda with gusty winds, but the worst of the storm is expected to miss the island.

A tropical storm warning has been issued for the island nation and large waves of up to 13 feet are expected all along the East Coast of the United States.

Teddy is also expected to make landfall in Nova Scotia on Wednesday with tropical storm-force winds.