Trump, co-defendants appeal ruling in $464 million civil fraud case

Attorneys for the former president have filed a notice of appeal.

February 26, 2024, 11:35 AM

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants are appealing their $464 million civil fraud case.

In a filing Monday, the defendants signaled their plans to appeal the ruling to New York's Appellate Division, First Department.

"This appeal is taken from each and every part of the Order insofar as Defendants are aggrieved," defense lawyers Alina Habba and Clifford Robert wrote in the notice.

In an informational statement filed with the Appellate Division, the defense lawyers asked the court to determine whether the judge in the case "committed errors of law and/or fact, abused its discretion, and/or acted in excess of its jurisdiction."

"We trust that the Appellate Division will overturn this egregious fine and take the necessary steps to restore the public faith in New York's legal system," Habba said in a statement.

Judge Arthur Engoron earlier this month found Trump, his adult sons, and two former Trump Organization executives liable for a decade of fraudulent business activity, ordering the defendants to pay a total of $464 million in disgorgement and pre-judgment interest. Of that amount, Trump owes $355 million in fines plus approximately $100 million in interest.

Former President Donald Trump at New York State Supreme Court in New York, on Oct. 2, 2023.
Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump has denied all wrongdoing.

On Friday, the clerk for New York County's Supreme Court signed and entered the judgment order in the case, giving Trump 30 days to file his appeal. In order to pause the execution of the fine in the case, the former president needs to post a bond or put cash into an escrow account to cover the fines plus interest.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case against Trump and his co-defendants, told ABC News last week that she is prepared to seize the former president's assets if he is unable to find the cash to cover the fine.

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