Advisers: Trump 'Missed Opportunities' at Debate, Didn't Execute

Sources say that Trump should have participated in mock debates.

At the same time, members of Trump's family are standing behind the leadership of the campaign, contrary to reports of dissension.

To blame the candidate is evidence of how shaken advisers were after the debate, seeking to shift blame from themselves and those who were responsible for prepping the candidate to the candidate himself.

Sources said that Trump prepared more than was reported but that he should have participated in mock debates and prepared for topics like the birther theory that he pushed for years about President Obama (before disavowing it recently) and his comments about women.

But Trump believed those issues and questions surrounding them, according to one source, were "well within the past." Three sources said they were shocked Trump did not bring up Benghazi, and another said that it was a topic covered in prep sessions.

But sources said no new prep has taken place for the next debate, on Oct. 9, and the focus right now is on campaigning.