Trump Tells Donors 'Next Time We're Going to Win the Old-Fashioned Way'

On inauguration eve, Trump again turned to one of his favorite subjects.

— -- During a black-tie dinner in Washington, D.C., on the eve of his inauguration, Donald Trump again turned to one of his favorite subjects, his election win, but said "next time we're going to win the old-fashioned way."

It wasn't immediately clear what Trump meant by the remark, but he has returned to the topic numerous times following the election.

Trump won the electoral vote, but lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots to Hillary Clinton.

"We're going to win because we did so well because it was so overwhelming," he told the crowd.

During the meeting, Trump, who boasted during the primary of self-funding his campaign, gushed about the generosity of his donors and said that he went to Maine to get an electoral vote that he didn't even need.

Trump garnered 304 electoral votes after two of the electors defected, a victory he called a landslide.