Uber Driver Accused of Trying to Burglarize Passenger’s Home After Airport Drop-Off

Police said the woman’s roommate witnessed the man with alleged burglary tool.

Police said the woman’s roommate, Amy Kissinger, witnessed Gerald Montgomery, 51, allegedly using a burglary tool on their back door.

Kissinger sent a text message to her roommate, whose last name was not revealed, and Natalie replied that she wasn’t expecting anyone. The woman then forwarded Kissinger her Uber receipt, which featured an image of the driver – allegedly the same man, Kissinger said.

“There is evidence that was left behind that concerns us greatly, that this might have happened to others,” Jackson said. “We have cases that are similar.”

Montgomery is being held on one charge of attempted second-degree burglary. He is expected to appear in court Friday. ABC News was unable to reach Montgomery and to determine whether he has a lawyer,

He has not been accused in any other cases.

Uber representative Taylor Patterson told ABC News the company performed a background check on Montgomery before hiring him.

“Upon learning about this incident from our valued rider, we immediately deactivated the driver’s access to the platform, pending a full investigation,” Patterson said in a statement.

Uber is used in 260 cities around the world, but has become the focus of several recent safety controversies, with some Uber drivers accused of crimes such as battery and sexual assault.