See the Unsuspecting Pizza Delivery Driver's Priceless Reaction to Huge Tip From Ohio Church

The driver was brought to tears after receiving a $1,046 tip from a church.

— -- An unsuspecting Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was brought to tears recently after receiving a generous tip from an Ohio church as part of a month-long outreach mission.

Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington dedicated a month to emphasizing random acts of kindness and discussing what the bible teaches about handling money. They decided to wrap up this series by giving a random stranger the ultimate pizza delivery tip: $1,046 for a $5.99 order of pizza.

“We wanted to end the series with a real bang so a staff member came up with the idea of collecting a cash tip,” lead pastor Steve Markle told ABC News.

Over the course of three services, church members dropped donations into baskets leading up to the Oct. 4 service, when the Domino’s Pizza order was placed, Markle said. When the delivery woman Natasha arrived, staff members directed her to the stage.

Markle first asked her what the largest tip she ever received was, to which she said $10. The pastor then presented her with the large cash tip that caused the emotional response seen in the video.

“I was overwhelmed,” Markle said of Natasha’s reaction. “I’m on stage every week preaching and teaching and I don’t really get nervous, but when she came up there on stage I felt myself shaking because of the excitement.”

Although Markle could not share the details of Natasha’s situation, he said that once he found out what she is dealing with, he knew that she was “absolutely the right person that God wanted us to bless.”

“In my 20-plus years of being a pastor, it was one of my favorite moments of all time," he said.