US soldiers overseas thankful for sneaker donations amid pandemic, servicemen tell David Muir

Deborah Hausladen started the nonprofit for her son and comrades in need.

"Since last July, when you first aired our story on America Strong, we shipped over 2,600 pairs of sneakers to troops deployed to combat zones and imminent danger areas," she said to Muir in a video message.

The nonprofit told ABC News on Thursday that it has received over $113,000 in donations in the past 48 hours, along with thousands of messages of support.

Sneakers for Soldiers received $300,000 in donations in the first week of the original report last year, and participation poured in from across the country, including from schools like Wyoming Valley West Middle School, which raised $5,000.

Each shoe is chosen specifically for the soldier, taking into consideration his or her feet and the conditions in which the soldier is serving. Then, a label is attached to each pair of sneakers with a message from the donor.

Several servicemen and women overseas shared messages of thanks with ABC News, but could not reveal their locations or last names for safety. Corporal Ethan said that the need for sneakers has been even greater this year because of the pandemic back home.

"With COVID-19 restrictions, I was having a really hard time finding a new replacement pair," he said in a video on "World News Tonight." "I'm so appreciative to have [them], thank you."

Three specialists, Ryan, David and Morgan -- whose last names were also omitted for safety -- shared another message with Muir thanking the nonprofit for the shoes.

"These sneakers provided us motivation and moral," Daniel said.

"Back home, things aren't great right now. We got the pandemic going on," Master Sgt. David told ABC News. "Just knowing that we're not forgotten while we're out here serving makes the time go by so much easier."

Military families back home, like Shanina and her four children, Lauren, Gavin, Colin and Alyssa, also took this opportunity to express their gratitude.

"[We] want to thank Sneakers for Soldiers for remembering our special soldier. Thank you for sending not only him, but his entire unit sneakers," Shanina said. "We appreciate you remembering them while they're away from home."

Her husband, First Lt. Tony described the exciting unboxing moment to ABC News in a video message.

"When those boxes arrived and we opened them up, I'm talking about adult soldiers, men and women, smiling like Christmas," he said.

His family shared a video message in reply, saying, "Hi daddy, we miss you, see you soon."

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An original version of this story was first published on July 21, 2020.