As the case against more than 100 bikers allegedly involved in a deadly gunfight in Waco, Texas, moves forward, a series of videos, apparently leaked from the case file, are giving a terrifying new look at the violent brawl that had both suspected gang members and innocent bystanders ducking for cover.

On May 17, members of as many as five rival biker gangs gathered at the Twin Peaks Restaurant to discuss their differences, Waco police said at the time.

A fistfight that erupted quickly, escalating to include knives and firearms, then spilled into the parking lot in the Central Texas Market Place, where gang members began firing at each other. Nine suspected gang members were killed and 18 people were hospitalized mostly for gunshot and stab wounds, police said.

In one video, the gunfire erupts just off camera. Some bikers can be seen grabbing guns while others hit the floor and crawl to safety. One surveillance camera catches a biker firing a shot toward the parking lot as he runs inside the restaurant.

The videos also show terrified Twin Peaks restaurant workers running for cover. Minutes later, the video shows a parade of bikers surrendering with their hands up.

Officers were already at the scene when the shooting started, authorities said at the time, and responded within 30 to 45 seconds. Some officers returned fire at the bikers. No officers were injured, police said. Police said that once the restaurant was cleared, they found hundreds of weapons -- from guns to batons and knives -- hidden in sacks of flour, bags of tortilla chips and tucked beneath benches.

The videos, which were obtained by CNN, appear to be part of the evidence against the more than 170 bikers arrested that day. Waco police said today that they had not released the surveillance video.

The grand jury in Waco is currently hearing all the cases against the bikers. Police and prosecutors said they worried that the video leak could affect the outcome.