School Bus Driver Fired for Letting 3 Strange Women on Board

School students in Texas had unexpected company on the ride to school.

— -- A school bus driver in Texas was fired and three women face charges after the women allegedly boarded a bus filled with middle-school students and rode to school, officials said.

The alleged incident occurred last Friday on a bus from the North East Independent School District in San Antonio.

Video footage from inside the bus, first obtained by San Antonio station KENS-TV, appears to show the women slipping past the driver and taking seats. Two of the women sat in the back of the bus, while the third sat next to a middle-school boy.

“We don’t know them,” students could be heard saying when the women boarded the bus.

The driver continued on his route and arrived at the school, where two of the unnamed women allegedly slipped past the driver again. But when the driver saw the third woman, he recognized that she wasn’t a student.

The women were charged with criminal trespassing warnings. One of the women was also cited for possessing alcohol on school property, while another of the women was charged with assault after allegedly grabbing a student’s arm, authorities said.

Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman with the district, said the new school year may have contributed to the matter.

“It’s obviously difficult at the beginning of school with new faces," Chancellor said. "But, regardless, this was a big mistake, and that is why this bus driver no longer works for this district."