Worker hurt in bridge collapse thinks locking in harness saved his life: Cousin

Six were killed and many others injured when the bridge collapsed Thursday.

When a worker at the newly installed bridge near Florida International University heard cracking, he immediately locked in his harness -- an action he thinks saved his life, according to his cousin.

Carlos Chapman, who was injured when the bridge collapsed Thursday, is "being very repetitive and doesn’t remember much of what happened," his cousin, Jayleen Gutierrez, told ABC News today.

"All he really remembers is hearing a cracking noise and immediately locking in his harness," she said. "Seconds after that, he fell. He said if it weren’t for that harness, he would have easily died."

Chapman suffered a shoulder fracture and underwent surgery on his nose, mouth and eye, Gutierrez said.

"He is still in disbelief and is in denial about what happened," Gutierrez said. "However, he will be OK. We are all praying for him, and glad he is still here with us."

Six people were killed and many others injured when the bridge crumbled, trapping cars beneath it.

FIU had touted the bridge as one of the first of its kind, tweeting that it swung into place Saturday.

The cause of the collapse remains under investigation.