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6-Year-Old Girl Stays Calm on 911 Call: 'My Mom Froze... I Don't Know What Happened'

Madison talked to 911 during her mom's medical emergency.

ByABC News
May 12, 2015, 10:05 AM

— -- When 6-year-old Madison found her mother Jovanna Nunez unconscious in their Hemet, California, home on Saturday, she told 911: "My mom froze and ... I don't know what happened."

"Madison contacted my parents telling them I was frozen," Nunez, 30, told ABC News.

In 911 calls released by the Hemet Fire Department, Madison tells the dispatcher her mother is laying down on the bed and confirms her mother is the only adult in the house.

When the dispatcher asks if her mother was talking at all, Madison says no.

"This morning, she was talking to me but now I was going to draw her a picture, but all of a sudden, she just froze," Madison says on the 911 call.

"I'm so scared," she says.

Madison listens to the dispatcher's instructions to open the front door, and the little girl nervously confirms she opened it.

Madison tells the dispatcher she's sitting outside the house on a rocking chair and even describes the pajamas she is wearing. The dispatcher promises that crews are on their way and tells Madison she's doing a good job.

As sirens are heard getting closer, Madison's tone seems to turn from nervous to relieved. She excitedly reports that crews are here as the dispatcher tells her to stay calm, keep the phone with her and take the responders in the house.

PHOTO: Jovanna Nunez, 30, says her 6-year-old daughter Madison is her hero.
Jovanna Nunez, 30, says her 6-year-old daughter Madison is her hero.

The Fire Department responded and found Nunez unresponsive but breathing, authorities said.

Nunez said when she woke up, there were EMTs surrounding her bed.

"The little girl maintained her composure" the whole time, the fire department said in a statement.

"[Madison] seemed calm and collected when I came to," Nunez said. "She was still on the phone with my parents... To my parents she did seem worried, but when I saw her she seemed very calm."

Nunez was hospitalized and released later Saturday. She said she apparently went into a diabetic coma, but was feeling much better the next day.

Nunez called Madison "my hero" and said she talked to her daughter Saturday about the importance of calling 911.

"The first thing she told me was that she's glad that [her grandfather] answered the phone and told her what to do," Nunez said.